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Established in 1901 by Leoncio Arizu, Bodega Luigi Bosca has more than a hundred years’ experience in the local winemaking industry. Currently managed by the third and fourth generations of the Arizu family, it is one of the few local winemaking firms still owned by its founders, and that owing to its reputation has become a paradigm of Argentine wine.

The four major pillars upon which Bodega Luigi Bosca has consolidated its long-standing record are its global expansion; a prestige based on the expertise gained and transferred over the years; the consistent and homogeneous quality of its products, and the perpetual search for excellence through innovation and state-of-the-art technology.

The passion of four generations of one family shows the results of an ambitious initiative started many years ago: the wish to convey the ultimate expression of Mendoza’s terroir.

Hence, driven by the same passion and eagerness for quality reflected in its winemaking, the Arizu Family has decided to launch the Essencia Luigi Bosca line of Ultra Premium Olive Oil.

Essencia is the line of Extra Virgin Olive Oils produced by Bodega Luigi Bosca | Familia Arizu, a name that pays tribute to the terroir that leaves its own particular mark on each variety.

A line of Ultra Premium Olive Oil made from olives owned and grown by the family for more than 50 years, located in Finca El Paraíso, Maipú, Mendoza.

The Fruttato concept outlines the notion of linking the intensity of the fruit to each blend, to produce a different expression of flavors and aromas, visually conveyed in the color of each label.

Essencia Luigi Bosca is a line of products made up of three unique blends: Fruttato Suave, Fruttato Medio and Fruttato Intenso.

Essencia Luigi Bosca is the result of many years of research and work. We are proud of the product we have achieved, for its nobility, unique flavor and superb quality. The olive oil we are producing is a premium product made with the same quality standards as our wines”, said Gustavo Arizu, responsible for the new project.

Bodega Luigi Bosca
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